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First time parent

Already lot has been said, written and talk on these. But I guess, there is something different with everyone on these. So thought to share with you my way of parenting.

There is always a first time to every thing in this world. Your first trophy in school, first distinction in any subject, first crush (πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰), first job, first salary, first love (hummm blush..😍)...You see first time is always special one...very very special.

When you are first time mom, you will have bag full of emotions, excitement, happiness and of course worries. Especially when you are far away from your elder family members, you are clue less on lots of things like what to eat or what not to do. Everyone you meet, will have suggestions for your baby’s good growth and that is actually good for first time moms. Your every step and action will contain so much care and caution.

Me & My Son Reyansh
Me & My Son Reyansh
First baby is like your whole world, specially for mothers. Am I sounding bias? Fathers, Don't misunderstand me. Just because mothers are so involved in their baby after they arrived in this world, that her whole world, routine, schedule changes drastically overnight. some times she doesn't manage to get even little time for her self. No fix sleep time, not enough sleep for months, no fix time for lunch, dinner or for even breakfast. Of course, for fathers world is also change at many extend.

Both mother and father are put in whole new situation after first baby comes. No tutorial, no manual comes with baby πŸ˜‘. Every child is different. Parent can take only guidance from other parent or from their elders. But every child have different way to clam down, different Technic to make child sleep. That also recognized with time passes. Initial days are blank for parents. Don't know why my child is crying? is he/she is hungry, or colic issue or getting bored? Getting bored? Yes babies do get bored with same environment πŸ˜’. That I came to know only after I have my own baby.

On first baby parent are very much confuse. How should I hold my child? Is it hurting my child? I am always worried that, I don't ended up hurting my child in doing something. Even my child is now almost 2 yrs old, but if he has runny nose, I feel upset, and become panic about his health.

These days babies are very active from day one of their birth. I remember my elders saying that, in their times babies were not even opening eyes for 15 days after their birth. And now, from first day of birth babies open there eyes, look around their surroundings, observe different faces, most important they understand touch and feel of their parents or persons who take care of them very often. These thing amuse me a lot, unless and until, I experienced it with my baby. I remember my baby was talking to me through his eyes, like he was saying me don't let that malish wali bai hurt me, please help me. Imaging his eyes was really saying these.

Naughty Reyansh
Naughty Reyansh

Babies really like to communicate. I really suggest new moms to make a habit of taking to their baby daily. Like for example... Are you feeling hungry? Ohh I think you are bored now, See your dad has come home ETC. Means talk to them with these small things. Or make them different faces, Babies love it when we communicate with them. They feel company around them. They like to learn new things, and they become very active and feel so much alive around them. In turn, they will also try to express their emotions and feelings. You will feel connect with them, which is most important. These will make you understand their problems, their likes and dislikes. So you will understand your baby more and more day by day and same with your baby. This will make strong bond with your baby, which is very very important.

Babies like routine very much. Set fix timing for their bath, food. I used to have every day ritual of giving my son a bath or sponge before he goes to bed at night. One of my very good friend suggested me this. Initially I was not so sure about it but trust me this has helped my son understand the difference of day and night. Slowly he developed a habit of sleeping whole night, and awake and play at day time. Since he used to get up every two hours for milk, even at night also. Those were really tiring days and night😟.

I suggest new mom must follow such routine with their baby. Initially it will be bit difficult, but will give benefit to you and your baby in long run. Of course, in cold or rainy days you can only sponge instead of giving bath at night. This is also helpful in terms of hygiene and make baby aware that it is time to go to sleep now. You will see in some days only, your baby will be habitual to this new ritual that he started to feel sleepy when his regular night bath time comes. After bath feed your baby. Now he/she will sleep for long duration at night. In day time, he/she will take regular naps two to three times to relax him self. Yes of course, new born will wake up at every 2 hours in night till they are 3 months old. You can start practicing this after 3 months.

I am sure, you have yours experiences on your first child. Please do share your experiences with me. You can leave a comment below in comment section.

I would like to know your thought on my blog. Please leave a comment below with your valuable suggestion.


  1. Well said ....
    A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for... Sharing your parenting ways here can helpful for the future parents as will :)

  2. Wonderful content ( heartspoken emotion and understanding of course!) Excellent initiative. Keep it up Poonam!

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  6. Great job poonam.Gud initative and ur thought would definetly help other parents too.

  7. Wonderful expressed,clearly explained, very hard work,good efforts☺ completely impressed such a good job poonam πŸ‘ Beautiful journey😘😊

  8. Great article.. helpful to many.. write more.


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